Our region celebrates the change of season to autumn with a stunning array of golden leaves, and just oozes mystical charm.

It is a perfect time of year to venture to the Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens in Daylesford and from here, look out onto the beautiful town of Daylesford as the morning sun casts its glow over changing leaves.

After a morning walk I love heading to Cliffy’s Emporium for a coffee and maybe one of their delicious brekkies. They also stock a vast array of gorgeous local produce, a perfect take-home gem from our region.

Right next door is Wombat Nursery and I love their potted herbs and local flowers, another few special treats to add to the basket.

A true hidden gem of our region is, for me, Mt Franklin. I often take my kids to play in the pine forest, the pine needles make the floor of the forest so peaceful and rather ethereal; it is a dormant volcano so it’s worth climbing to the top if you’re up for a beautiful view.

The way I like to unwind is to take nature walks with my family, kicking through the autumn leaves, and if I feel a little indulgent, then a spa treatment at Eko Day Spa is my idea of heaven.

To look after myself in autumn I try to  nurture my family with gorgeous local produce from our region and get plenty of fresh air in our daily walks through Hepburn Springs. There is a great walking track right through this pretty town that leads you to the mineral springs where you can sample and take home mineral water straight from the source.

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Jodi Flockhart, ambassador and actor, shares her passion for the region which she proudly calls home. Discover her zest for life, by visiting Sault restaurant. With co-owner and husband Damien Aylward, they have established as one of the best dining experiences in Daylesford.