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Chocolate Truffle Bliss Balls

A high protein, nutrient dense snack high in essential fatty acids. Combined with good-quality…

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Chimichurri is a wonderfully vibrant sauce that is full of flavour and can be used in a wide…

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Heart Warming Family Fun

Don’t let the cooler weather deter you this winter, Daylesford and the Macedon Ranges are splendid…

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Winter Health Giving Seasonal Flavours

The trick will be to support and build our immunity as much as possible this year, give it a real…

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Slow Cooked Tuki Lamb Neck, Garlic Mash and Balsamic Jus

This delicious recipe, which has kindly been shared with us by the head chef at Tuki, Janith…

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On the Hunt for a Hearty Red

One of the things I enjoy most about the Macedon Ranges is the distinct differences you experience…

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The Roast Is Hot

The chill of winter heralds the start of roast season. Cook your own with these handy hints, or let…

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Mount Monument

Mount Monument is a single vineyard in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges. It sits at the base of a mamelon…

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Food from Local Woods, Meadows, Farms & Gardens

Good food, together with good sleep, prioritising exercise (even if it’s just a ramble through our…

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DV Cider

DV Cider is creating something new that can elevate the traditional cider experience.

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Tea on a High

Fancy a cuppa? Why not make it a fancy cuppa and indulge in one of the region’s high teas. Tea is a…

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Culinary Collaborations

The Daylesford Macedon Ranges region is a tight knit community. This has become more evident than…

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Fermenting Country

Across our towns, villages, and countryside, is a close-knit community, quietly transforming raw…

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Growing Season

One of the simple joys of visiting the country is throwing a few coins into a roadside honesty box…

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Wesley Hill Market

A community market, with something for everyone.

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Health Giving Seasonal Flavours

The Daylesford Macedon Ranges region is a foragers delight. In the first of a series of articles,…