On a sprawling, hillside property with Mount Franklin standing regally in the background, I met with artist James Robinson.

He creates highly sought-after paintings, famed for their dramatic colour and stature.  I interviewed him about his work and his go-to places to unwind in when work is done.

Where do you find your inspiration for your paintings? 

Initially, my work was about escaping from the city and relocating to the country. Now, I love experimenting with techniques; the movement of bold brush strokes on a giant canvas and the energy they generate and see where they take me.

You’ve lived in the region for over 15 years. Where are your go-to places to relax? 

I like to explore Mount Franklin. There’s a feeling of tranquillity about it. My favourite past-time though is mountain bike riding. The Goldfields track is a favourite. I’ll often ride on my bike while my wife rides her horse beside me. Sometimes she beats me depending on the ground we’re on.

With an image of James, silhouetted on his bike, riding beside his wife on horseback, I bid farewell to James and cast a wistful glance at Mount Franklin and think how remarkable both the artist and the landscape that inspires him are.

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