Few things excite my children more than a bit of nutaryuk. ‘Nutaryuk’ is the Innuit word for ‘fresh snow’.

When writing this article, I investigated whether Innuits actually have 50 different words for ‘snow’ and it’s no myth. They also have hundreds of words to describe snow. So, there you go.

Having lived in Daylesford for a few winters now, we have had some fantastic mornings frolicking in fresh snow (henceforth called ‘nutaryuk’…by the Wroe family…well, mainly by me). So, where are the best places in our backyard to find the white stuff?

Around Daylesford, there are two places we head for, when the temperature drops and precipitation is forecast. Right near home is the truly beautiful Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens. It’s all about elevation when snow-seeking and at 670m, this is a handy option. Even better, there’s a sensational café called Wombat Hill House, operated by the Lake House team. Grab a hot drink or full breaky after your adventure.

Our ‘secret spot’ (shhhhh) is Bullarto. At 750m, and a short drive from Daylesford, it’s a beautiful, forested area that can get deep snowfalls. The young girl in the photo is my daughter Lola in Bullarto a couple of years ago. While you’re there, pop into Bullarto Gallery. Artist Phillip Edwards paints exquisite Aussie alpine landscape paintings. And he’s a great guy to chat with.

Further east, the charming village of Trentham often gets snow, and the nearby Wombat State Forest is a great spot for photographers. The forest is beautiful year-round but has a quiet, serene beauty when adorned with snow. Afterwards, be sure to pop into one of the many cafés or pubs found in Trentham.

Arguably the best spot in our region for snow play is Mount Macedon, which is just on 1000m high. Top of the Range café has a live snow cam – so you can check the situation before you go – and is a great place to warm up after your fun. Nearby Camels Hump is another great option, also topping out at a kilometre above sea level. Head to the Camels Hump carpark and take a short walk from there. The views are unforgettable.

If you’re not near us when it snows, you’ll need to be quick. It’s rare that snow cover lasts beyond mid-morning. So, check the weather forecast and plan ahead. Whether you’re eight or eighty, you won’t be able to keep the smile off your face.


Hero image by Jay Town @jaytown1  

Snow Wroe 1 uai
Snow play in Bullarto, Victoria

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