Lavandula Scones 1 uai

Lavandula Lavender Scones

If you have been to Lavandula and sampled their famed lavender scones, you’re likely to recall…


RedBeard Historic Bakery’s Plain Sourdough Bread

Authentic sourdoughs like RedBeard Historic Bakery’s, are leavened (fermented) with a culture of…

Surly Goat Doughnuts uai

The Surly Goat’s Potato Doughnuts with Crème Fraiche and Salmon Roe

This recipe is simple to bring together, but let’s be honest, it will never taste the same without…

Bean butternut ragout uai

Farmers Arms Butternut Squash & Bean Ragout

Farmers Arms Hotel in Daylesford's Butternut Squash & Bean Ragout recipe

hot cross buns uai

Piper Street Food Co. Hot Cross Buns

Piper Street Food Co. Hot Cross Buns recipe. Combine fruit, spices and zest, soak in orange juice…

Peppers Mineral Springs Gnocchi uai

Leonardo Catarcia’s Potato Gnocchi, Taleggio And Speck

Savour Leo’s dishes at Peppers Mineral Springs Hotel, The Argus Dining Room restaurant.

Cocktail 13 1199x599 2 uai

Mountain Distilling G&Ts

Get creative with your G&Ts. Use fruits, citrus and herbs from your garden, experiment!

AdobeStock 58087183 1920x960 1 uai

Purple Asparagus, Chervil And Silky Ash Goats’ Cheese Tart

The Parkland, Mark Renaud, works with the seasons to get the best flavours and freshest…

lakehouse 1201x600 1 uai

Alla Wolf-Tasker’s Herb Agnolotti, House Ricotta, Salsa Verde, Heirloom Carrots ‘En Papillote’

Recipe and images taken from Alla’s recent book Three Decades On – Lake House and Daylesford.

Passing Clouds Winery 1200x600 1 uai

Christian Reuther’s Brined And Roasted Local Lamb Shoulder With Salmoriglio

Salmoriglio is a southern Italian oregano lemon sauce, that varies from region to region, but has a…

potatoes 1920x960 1 uai

David Willcock’s Tortilla De Patatas

Some dishes are greater than the sum of their ingredients. This little beauty, is greater than the…

blueberry pancake 2 uai

Alla Wolf-Tasker’s Blueberry Pancakes

Delicious blueberry pancakes for your weekend brunch at home, recipe by Alla Wolf-Tasker, Lake…

MilkingYard 1062x531 1 uai

Valli Little’s Roast Chicken with Winter Fruits

A delicious roast chicken dish by Valli Little using Milking Yard Farm chickens and winter fruits.

ethan mcarthur mbaIaIssHKc unsplash 2 scaled uai

Annie Smithers’ Green Tomato Pickles

An absolute must in my pantry. This pickle is fantastic with cheddar and thick slices of bread, but…

Savoury Muffins 800x400 1 uai

Chef Andrew Stone’s Savoury Carrot And Pinenut Muffins

Muffins are quick to make and the batter should be mixed as lightly and as little as possible.…

Tomatoes 1920x960 1 uai

Annie Smithers’ Tomato Spaghettini

We’re not all as fortunate as Annie to have a selection of heirloom tomatoes in our garden. While…