Dayesford Meat Co Greek Lamb Chops 2 uai

Greek Forequarter Lamb Chops

This Greek Forequarter Lamb Chops has been kindly shared by Daylesford Meat Co.

Sault uai

Sault’s Upside-Down Blood Orange Cake

This Upside-Down Blood Orange cake recipe has been kindly shared by Bec Davern from Sault…

Ginger fluff CAKE uai

CWA Victoria’s Ginger Fluff

This Ginger Fluff recipe has been kindly shared by the CWA from their recent cookbook 'From Our…

Beef Short Rib Rendang uai

Beef Short Rib Rendang

Rich and fragrant, delicious and warming, Southeast Asia’s beef rendang is a dish with a long…

MasterChef 2 2 uai

MASTERCHEF’S Pumpkin & Taleggio Pansotti

MasterChef Australia is excited to hit the road, filming a series of episodes across Victoria. In a…

Quince Tart Piper St uai

Poached Quince & Walnut Frangipane Tart

As part of our Easter Product range we have always made a beautiful tart of poached quinces with a…

Blackbird Cakes Bunny uai

Blackbird Cakes Easter Bunny Chocolate Cake Recipe

Blackbird Cakes is not your standard cake shop or bakery, they do things a little differently.…

Tomato Basil Pie uai

Richard Cornish’s Tomato and Basil Summer Pie

The perfect way to make the use of the late summer, early autumn bounty of ripe tomatoes. Use the…

Strawberini Cocktail uai

Strawberini Cocktail

When you’re in the mood for a luscious berry treat, this cocktail, provided by Hepburn Distillery,…

Daylesford Meat Co Chicken Sandwiches 1 uai

Richard Cornish’s Roast Chicken and Stuffing Sandwiches

These are the perfect chicken sandwiches to line up in the Tupperware and plonk down on the picnic…

Lavandula Scones 1 uai

Lavandula Lavender Scones

If you have been to Lavandula and sampled their famed lavender scones, you’re likely to recall…

RedBeard Bread

RedBeard Historic Bakery’s Plain Sourdough Bread

Authentic sourdoughs like RedBeard Historic Bakery’s, are leavened (fermented) with a culture of…

Surly Goat Doughnuts uai

The Surly Goat’s Potato Doughnuts with Crème Fraiche and Salmon Roe

This recipe is simple to bring together, but let’s be honest, it will never taste the same without…

Bean butternut ragout uai

Farmers Arms Butternut Squash & Bean Ragout

Farmers Arms Hotel in Daylesford's Butternut Squash & Bean Ragout recipe

PiperSt HotCrossBuns uai

Piper Street Food Co. Hot Cross Buns

Piper Street Food Co. Hot Cross Buns recipe. Combine fruit, spices and zest, soak in orange juice…

Peppers Mineral Springs Gnocchi uai

Leonardo Catarcia’s Potato Gnocchi, Taleggio And Speck

Savour Leo’s dishes at Peppers Mineral Springs Hotel, The Argus Dining Room restaurant.