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Same Same But Very Different

Self-isolation doesn't mean you can't stay connected. We want to help you get lost for a moment and…

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Taste of Talbot

The goldfields town of Talbot is renowned for its monthly farmers’ market. On the third Sunday of…

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Speaking of Yarns

Much-loved and respected regional success story Creswick Woollen Mills has collaborated with…

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Relishing a Healthier You this Autumn

Imagine embracing the onset of the cooler months in a state of calm and vitality. As the leaves…

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Blampied Village

First settled around the 1860s, the place known as Blampied epitomises the ‘blink and you miss it’…

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Fashion as Art

Art is often defined as self-expression through creativity. Not everyone can be a famed artist or…

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With historic streetscapes and collectible curios, it’s worth packing your overnight bag to visit…

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The Scent of Summer

To date, no master parfumier has been able to perfectly capture the summer fragrance of floral…

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Get Hitched with Country Style

“If You Got Any More Beautiful The Sun Would Leave Its Place And Come For You” - THE CHASE BY RUPI…

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The Ancient Incas called it “the Fibre of the Gods” – Alpaca Passion

Stepping into Alpaca Passion is a true sensory experience. Every piece you see invites you to run…

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Interview with Stockroom Kyneton

Jason and Magali are responsible for one of the hottest, contemporary art spaces in Australia.

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Interview with Calum McClure – The Old Castlemaine Gaol

The Governor's Café at the Old Castlemaine Goal has sprawling views of Castlemaine and beyond.

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One Very Fine Yarn

Gales of laughter, bales of delicious woollen garments and an up-close and personal encounter with…

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Must-have Designer Labels at Harry and Me

“Let me be surrounded by luxury, I can do without the necessities! “ - Oscar Wilde

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Slow Fashion

Manteau Noir is a unique retail store located in Daylesford.

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A Yarn Worth Reading About

It’s all due to the fertile soil and water sparkling with minerals. The soil and water also create…