The magnificence of colour and diversity

Autumn is an iconic time in this region when nature puts on a magical display of colour. The beauty of the changing landscape will put a smile on your face.

Autumn is a time of settled weather. After the heat of summer, a wedding in the cooler months of autumn will give you lots of options. A garden wedding perhaps, with colourful autumn leaves providing a stunning backdrop? Or perhaps the abundance of great produce at this time of the year could lend a harvest theme to your celebration, with floral displays continuing this theme?

This is an undeniably romantic time of the year, giving you and your guests maximum fashion options. Long sleeves, short or no sleeves, the choice is entirely yours.

We know that capturing the beauty of your celebration is important. Here, the colours and symbols of Autumn are endlessly Instagrammable. And, of course, they’ll look great in your professional photos too.

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