We’ve been giving the topic of elopements and micro weddings a lot of thought.

While some couples will opt to wait for a larger, traditional ceremony because they’ve dreamed about their wedding day their entire lives, some couples may embrace the trend of a very small gatherings.

We’ve talked to the wedding experts in the region about how to make the most of your day together. Here are their hot tips.

‘Do what you want and what brings you joy. Find a place that brings you comfort. A special space that you love that represents your life. It should be memorable, where you can return and relive your happy memories together. Our region is uniquely special, and on our property, we’re blessed with beauty. We have unhampered and natural views, where you can experience glorious sunsets in an uplifting rustic setting.’
– Sue, Quirindi Stables @quirindistables

‘Don’t forget to savour every second, having a small and select group is a beautiful benefit. Take time with every guest. Be in the moment, and take joy that you aren’t distracted by managing a big event. Also make sure you still party! We’ve had small dining groups and they’ve had a tremendously good time together.’
– Traudi, Saint Agnes saintagnes.com.au

‘It may be a smaller event but it’s still a big deal. Take time to think about the details. If you’re a couple that enjoy the outdoors, we are a great spot to disguise a proposal. We’ve seen some fun proposals, including dog bringing prewritten messages to their owners.It was all recorded by a best friend and it was a huge success.’
– Clare, Daylesford Cider @daylesfordcider

‘Don’t forget to capture all the special moments. COVID has brought home what is really important in weddings – the two of you, and the closest people in your tribe. I love photographing these intimate celebrations, knowing they are shared with those in their hearts, not there on the day.’
– Melanie, Melanie Panteli Photography @melpanteliphoto

‘Enjoy every moment, which I know you will. I’m a big believer in slow living and elopements are less expensive but rich in many other ways. We’ve enjoyed seeing couples loving every instant. In contrast, it’s also helpful living with our fast paced technology. For example, we can let others ‘Zoom’ the sharing of vows in our Brick Folly.’
– Sandy, Acre of Roses @acreofroses

Photography by Chris Turner uai
Photography by Chris Turner

‘If there is anything good that has come of COVID it’s micro weddings and elopements. You can see the difference in how relaxed the couple is, and this is portrayed in the couples portraits, which are shared and remembered with family and friends. There is less stress, less worry about guests and the need for rushing is reduced. Because of this the couple can take this time to truly relax and enjoy these special moments together. When it comes down to it, that’s all that matters.’
– Chris, InkdFotogrfa @inkdfotogrfa.daylesford

‘You deserve the very best! Find a place that you love, a place that you have created special memories together, and then incorporate amazing food and wine. Our region has this in spades. With fewer guests, splurge and indulge.’
– Fiona, The Cosmo Trentham @thecosmopolitanhotel

‘So, you have everything organised, outfit, photographer, bouquet, music, food and drinks, rings, and vows. The last and vital piece is where to stay. I promise you that you’ll find somewhere special here to match all the other beautiful things you’re planning. Think stunning views, outdoor Jacuzzis, architectural spaces, and gorgeous gardens. Relax post-ceremony and even stay a little longer with us for your honeymoon.’
– Bianca, Dayget @daylesford.getaways

‘Above all else, take care of yourself. Whether your wedding is large or small, make it big for you. You will still take time to look your best. Consider going to another level of care too. Consider a Reiki treatment to bring balance. If you’re more centred, there will be more joy.’
– Benny, Daylesford Healing Massage @daylesford_healing_massage

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