It seems to be the way…you sneak up to Daylesford for a few cheeky weekends away, and before too long you find yourself staying an extra night and driving back to the city on Monday morning. Not long after that, you’re looking at real estate then * boom * you’re moving to town. This region seems to do this to a lot of us, and most of us never look back.

This was also the way Chris Malden and Wayne Cross began their life in the region. Once they had settled in, they made it their business (literally) to help others enjoy this remarkable place. For 20 years now, their business Dayget Daylesford Getaways has been helping us escape to the country.

Early on, Chris and Wayne struggled to find somewhere to stay without grandma’s doilies and lace adorning every surface, so they created their contemporary weekender. Other booking agencies turned them away claiming the property was ‘too modern’ to list. Chris and Wayne had unwittingly discovered a critical gap in the accommodation market, and the rest was history. Old style B&Bs gave way to highly styled spaces with modern furnishings. Dayget revolutionised country accommodation.

Chris and Wayne were pioneers of online bookings and hosted their first site in the dark days of dial-up internet, well before the smartphone era. Of course, times have changed, and they are still well ahead of the game – offering a luxury concierge experience to their guests, welcoming people from all over the world to over 150+ beautifully styled properties throughout the region.

So where do they stay when they need a break? You can be assured it’s somewhere divine – without a doily in sight.

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