Daily life, especially in our current circumstances, feels like a hectic cacophony of bad news.  It's exhausting and takes a toll on both our physical and mental health. Escaping the daily routine, including turning your phone to silent, is the first step in breaking the cycle.

Escaping the daily routine, including turning your phone to silent, is the first step in breaking the cycle. To ensure that you feel you’re in control of your life, rather than feeling enslaved to your phone, work and bills, it’s necessary to make time for yourself to be in a relaxing, peaceful place. When you can breathe and be still, you can reflect with greater clarity on the choices you’re making about your work, diet, activity and relationships. In quietness and safety, we can attune to a wiser voice within us. Our own intuition, if you like.

Where better to find this sense of perfect quiet, harmony, peace and safety than in the many bathing venues in beautiful and serene Daylesford?

The Japanese and Scandinavians have long known the powerful effect of bathing. Evidence has indicated increased blood circulation, decreased muscle tension, improved oxygen absorption and enhanced mood due to a release of endorphins.

In Japan, whole body immersion in warm water has been a long-held ritual. Much studied by scientists to ascertain the clinical benefits, those who bathe in the warm water, for 10 minutes at least, reported less fatigue and stress, in addition to improved skin health and overall mood. Indeed, hydrotherapy has been practised for centuries in New Zealand and Iceland also, where the natural hot pools offer mineral rich waters. The brain and nervous system are calmed during submergence in warm water, even providing some relief from the pain of arthritis or back pain.

The Daylesford Macedon region has a rich underground network of natural mineral aquifers which feed into the local natural springs. This mineral rich liquid gold is part of the natural bathing experience at many luxury venues in the area.

When overnighting, you may opt for Sky High Mount Franklin with unforgettable 360 degree views, the self-contained luxury accommodation at Wentworth House, the divine gardens and chef-prepared meals at Acre of Roses, or the award-winning villas of Clifftop at Hepburn.

As Sylvia Plath wrote in The Bell Jar, “There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.”

Sky High Mount Franklin – skyhighmtfranklin.com
Wentworth House – wentworthhouse.com.au
Acre of Roses – acreofroses.com.au
Clifftop at Hepburn – clifftopathepburn.com.au

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