Good things have been cooking at Honest Eggs Co, a local open range egg farm. This week, co-owner Paul Righetti has been proud to see their new pasta range launch into stores and we are pleased to share their story.

Can you tell us about your decision to move into making pasta?

It’s something we’ve been frustrated with for a while. As we grew larger in scale, we noticed more wastage. We had surplus of odd shape and different size eggs that did not fit in our standard cartons, but the eggs were still delicious. It was a shame to see them go to waste. We were aware of a farm in Italy who combatted this waste by making pasta with their eggs, so we decided to research and explore what we could do. We have strong beliefs and values around best farming practices, and it made sense for our ideas to extend to reducing waste.

Can you tell us about the pasta, is there a secret ingredient?

We started off by talking to a Daylesford pasta expert, Rob Stella, who used to run Stella’s Pasta. He was a mentor in a way and He was very supportive and suggested we add quality semolina. We decided to have a crack, bought his old machinery and tested samples. Our research and testing continued over 12 months before launching. We use two ingredients – 100% durum semolina flour from boutique millers, Bellata Gold, and our own delicious ‘rosso d’uovo’ red/orange yolk eggs which is the rich colour coming from our hen’s natural diet per the farming method in northern Italy. Because we use open range eggs, and more eggs than any in the market, our pasta has a naturally rich colour like no other. The feedback has been resounding; they love it.

Where can you purchase the pasta?

It’s early days, but we’re hopeful that those who buy our eggs will stock our pasta too. It would be the best distribution for our carbon footprint. Locally it is available at Tonna’s and Spade to Blade catering, Castlemaine IGA and Castlemaine Fresh. Keep an eye on our website for stockists and the ability to order directly.

We’re keen to know why you haven’t called the range ‘Righetti Spaghetti’?

*Chuckles* It’s funny because everyone, family and friends and local supporters, are all calling it ‘Righetti Spaghetti’. We have a strong brand in Honest Eggs Co, and this product delivers on the same values and quality that our customers have come to expect and love. Our customers don’t know me, and the play on words, but they know and love our eggs, aside from that, we’re making more than Spaghetti, we have Fettuccine, Linguini, pasta and Lasagne in the range.

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Paul and Jacqui Righetti with chef, Rosa Mitchell. (Photo: Pribaz Design)