To date, no master parfumier has been able to perfectly capture the summer fragrance of floral laden bowers, fields and gardens distinctive to the Daylesford Macedon area. However, a few boutique retailers have managed to stock rare perfumes that do come close.

Manteau Noir in Daylesford has a selection of elite French perfumes. Artisan perfumiers such as Trudon and P Frain and Cie barely grace the shelves before being snaffled up by those in the know or “nose.”

Josette’s Perfumery in the quaint town of Malmsbury has a range of florals in a host of formats for layering, which will ensure you’ll smell delectable for the whole day.

Lavandula in Shepherd’s Flat, just a short drive from Hepburn, plays host to a retail haven disguised as a stone cottage. Within its walls, you’ll find wooden shelves lined like a scent apothecary with essential oils, moisturisers and massage oils. Their lavender oil is made on site from the lavender grown on the farm and is a must-buy.

Harry and Me in Daylesford also stock a premier selection of perfumes from the fragrance houses of Carner, Nasomotto and Eight and Bob.

These are just some of the bespoke, artisan retailers stocking perfumes that will whisper memories of your summer days spent in this land of blossom and bloom.

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