On the mineral rich volcanic pastures of Blampied, you will find one of the oldest rare breeds of cattle, the British White, contently grazing the chemical free pastures of Brooklands Free Range Farms.

Their pure white coats with distinctive black ears, nose and hooves stand starkly against the backdrop of the ancient volcano Mt Kooroocheang.

Their beauty is not the only reason regenerative Farmers Natalie Hardy and Jonathan Hurst chose the breed. “We chose the British Whites for many reasons; looking for a rare breed for pure grassfed beef, and to preserve the breed for the future as they have amazing attributes and are so adaptable to the changing climates. Extremely docile and intelligent, small calves are huge milkers, robust, and resilient to many diseases making them perfect for our natural holistic approach to farming beef”.  And it looks like the rest of Australia is starting to notice the breed. Brooklands Free Range Farms 100% Grass Fed British White Beef was awarded as the State Winner for the 2018 Delicious Produce Awards, as well as being a regular on the menu at the two hatted restaurant Lake House in Daylesford. “It’s great to see the work we have put into the breed is being noticed, and inquiries are running so hot from other prospective farmers, high profile butchers and restaurants.  We hope to increase our herd size and help others promote the breed”.  Until recently Nat and Jono were the only breeders selling British White beef direct to public in Australia, but now several other producers have joined them. If you too want to try this amazing beef in the beautiful Brooklands region, attend one of the monthly Farmers’ Markets at Clunes, Daylesford, Trentham and Ballan.

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About the author

Alla Wolf Tasker
Alla Wolf-Tasker AM, Lake House

Alla Wolf-Tasker AM’s story is the stuff of legend. With over 30 years in the region, she has transformed a downtrodden country plot of land into a thriving culinary restaurant, and consequently a food-producing community. Lake House is recognised around the world as one of this country’s great restaurants, and it continues to win numerous accolades within Australia and overseas.