More than just a massage.

Come to Daylesford Healing Massage to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life and emerge relaxed, rejuvenated and at peace. We believe that the mind, body and soul should be treated and cared for as a whole in a serene tranquil and healing place. Whether you’re indulging in one of our luxurious pampering packages, enjoying a massage or healing session or simply browsing in our store for Jewellery, Crystals, Books and much more, you’ll discover that our focus is always on inspiring and uplifting you.

We offer an extensive range of treatments to bring harmony to your body, mind, and soul, each performed by our experienced therapists, who’ve been specially chosen for the knowledge, compassion and genuine care that they bring to their work.

Nothing beats hands-on healing when it comes to unravelling tightly wound and sore muscles. Lie back and relax as one of our skilled therapists goes to work on your body, and you’ll soon find stress and tension dissolving away, regardless of whether you prefer a gentle touch or a firmer therapeutic approach.

True wellbeing occurs when all aspects of your body, mind and soul are aligned and in harmony, and brings with it a sense of returning to your centre and feeling grounded, whole and complete. Experience this deep inner peace for yourself with a transformative energetic healing session.

Looking for direction or insight? Whether you need help making sense of what’s going on for you or are curious about your past or your future, our experienced intuitive readers offer profound guidance, inspiration and wisdom, and will give you empowering new perspectives to explore.

Struggling to decide which treatment to book? Choose one of our pampering packages instead! They’re the perfect gift for yourself or someone special and are guaranteed to please.

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