A style of wine that is synonymous with fun, friends and good times!

Rosé, a style of wine that is characterised by a light copper to pink hue, crunchy red fruits and the image of a long afternoon lunch in the south of France with everyone dressed in their finest white cotton threads. It is a style of wine that is synonymous with fun, friends and good times. Yet, most people know very little about rosé.

The diversity of rosé is about as broad as you get in the world of wine. It can be made from virtually any red grape variety; at times it can include some white wine, as long as it retains its pink blush. It can be sweet, bone dry or sparkling, with some of the finest Champagnes in the world made in a rosé style.

The Macedon Ranges wine region has great diversity when it comes to rosé, showcasing how different the wine can be, based on the grape variety and winemaking approach. As an example, Mafic (Mt Franklin Estate) produce a rose from dolcetto that gives a much darker hue than other red varieties and has been made in a style that supports time in bottle, which is not always the case with rosé.

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The pinot noir grape is well represented as you would expect, with Captains Creek Organic Wines producing a layered rosé. This drop retains the textural acidity and crunch you would expect from the cool climate of the Macedon Ranges and surrounds. Parkside Winery and Farm is one of the premier sparkling wine producers and make an exceptional sparkling rosé that includes pinot noir and chardonnay. It is aged on lees for a number of years prior to release, creating a rosé wine with complexity and depth that rewards time in the cellar.

At Lyons Will Estate, you are met with a blend of gamay and pinot noir that give a very ‘Provence’ feel to the wine. They also bottle in magnum for maximum indulgence and enjoyment. Shiraz is the focal point of the rosé at Attwoods Wines. All of their wines have a distinctively French influence and spark conversation and interest. Their typical approach is to bottle the wine without any filtration or fining, giving as pure an expression of the grapes and vineyard site as possible.
Passing Clouds craft their rosé from the malbec grape, harnessing the floral strawberry and toffee apple-like notes you get from the variety, more often seen as a red wine in a Bordeaux blend.

Mount Macedon Winery has become one of the best locations in the region to enjoy a glass of wine, whether it be a fine dining affair or a wood-fired pizza. The latter, incidentally, is a great match to a dry, red fruit driven rosé with texture and crunch.

It is safe to say there will be a rosé for all tastes when you next plan a trip this way.

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Passing Clouds, by Stefani Driscoll

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