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Because we love scrolling through your snaps of our region and would love to see more, we’ve quizzed Chris Turner, our cover shot photographer from InkdFotogrfa, about his favourite places worthy of a photo.

Mount Franklin (above)

There is something about Mount Franklin, it keeps calling me back. It’s the feeling, and I love the hike. There is a short 45-minute track. From a distance, even up to 100km away, you can see it. It’s an extinct volcano, but it has been planted with many non-native trees like conifers, birch, poplars and redwoods, making it stand out from the surrounding mountains. The terrain, plant and tree coverage are extremely varied, and with the deciduous trees, it changes continually throughout the year. You’ll want to come back over and over too.


Lake Daylesford Chris Turner uai

Lake Daylesford

Everyone needs to go to Lake Daylesford. It’s probably the mandatory Insta pic when you come to stay. The walk around the lake is not too hard, relaxing really, and as you turn every bend, you discover a new photo op. Reel highlights would be the teeming birdlife, the Boathouse Restaurant from across at the pier, mineral water pumping, even an exceptional meal at Lake House, overlooking the view. It’s family and dog friendly, so there’s an excellent opportunity to get those you love in your photos as well.


Madam Berry Mine Chris Turner uai

Madam Berry Mine

Madam Berry Mine is off the beaten track, not Clunes, Creswick or Smeaton, but it’s an impressive mining relic and one of 120 mine sites around it. Berry Mine 1 is particularly haunting, with the tumbling red brick walls a stark contrast to the surrounding dry hilly backdrop. If you like to dabble in some astrophotography, this is an excellent place to visit. You are miles from anywhere, with minimal light pollution, and the stars are incredible, filling up the entire sky.


Granite Boulders Chris Turner uai

Granite Boulders

Between Kyneton, Lancefield and Tooborac, you’ll find a distinctively different landscape again. It feels like Ireland, although dryer. There are giant granite boulders everywhere, thrown out across the region from the many volcanoes and geographic shifts that happened millions of years ago. Fortunately for us, it’s perfect for growing grapes and making spectacular wine.

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Malmsbury Viaduct Chris Turner uai

Malmsbury Viaduct

How could I not suggest the Malmsbury Viaduct?! It’s one of the most iconic structures in the region. You immediately know and recognise this backdrop. It’s an imposing historic build, and it’s still doing its job 160 years later. Trains continue to pass over it daily with travellers along the Bendigo line. The bluestone used is found in other Malmsbury buildings too. Take a glimpse and a snap of the ‘Mansions’, the old flour mill and even the train station. 



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Living and working in the Daylesford Hepburn region for five years now, this place and its people are special. It’s residents are truely the essence of what separates this region from others. The creators, the artists, chefs, furniture makers, entrepreneurs and the beautiful surrounds have inspired me to create some of my best photography work.