We asked six of our favourite local photographers to share their tips on where to capture the best winter shots in the region.

From the snow dusted Mount Macedon to the majestic Trentham Falls, back country roads to beautiful winter gardens – follow their path, or choose your own, to capture the best of our beautiful region this winter.

Malmsbury Viaduct (above)

The Malmsbury Viaduct is my go-to spot for ‘postcard’ beautiful images. She has many moods throughout the year but is probably at her moodiest in that transition from autumn to winter. For the best results, I shoot early in the morning to capture the mist coming off the water, or during the still of the evening to capture the breathtaking reflections and last golden light of the day. And as an added bonus, it’s so easy to find a great vantage point within the adjoining Malmsbury Botanical Gardens.

Adam Brentnall @journeybylight_photography

Kim Selby photo Macedon Ranges Winter uai
Kim Selby photography

Woodend North

Winter is one of the most evocative, romantic times for photography. Crisp, frosty mornings are my favourite for capturing the beauty of the Macedon Ranges. When the pockets of mist hang in the valleys and dip like friendly ghosts, waiting to be nudged gently away by the first rays of sun. It’s often been said the best camera is the one you have on you, be it an SLR or iPhone. I encourage you to pull on your winter woollies and gumboots and take the lonely dirt road – that’s where the magic is found.

Kim Selby @kimselbyphotography

Jarrod Andrews Photography uai
Sault Restaurant. Jarrod Andrews Photography.

Sault Restaurant

My favourite location to shoot in winter is the wedding chapel at Daylesford’s Sault Restaurant (it also happens to be my favourite place to eat). The rows of lavender, although not in bloom in winter, still look stunning. My favourite time to shoot is one hour before sunset, as the sun sets behind the chapel, with the lake beyond it and hills in the distance. I recommend arriving early for dinner or lunch and capturing some pictures as you wander the beautiful gardens. 

Jarrod Andrews Photography @jrodcaptures  

Trentham Falls 2 Janith HettiArchchige uai
Trentham Falls. Photography by Janith HettiArchchige

Trentham Falls

Trentham Falls is my favourite waterfall to capture in the region and it happens to be Victoria’s highest single drop waterfall. The best time to visit is in the late afternoon as the sun softens. The morning sun shining directly onto the waterfall makes it difficult to capture a good shot. The falls usually reach full flow in mid-winter, making this my favourite time of year to visit. They are particularly impressive when the rain creates the strongest flow. 

Janith HettiArchchige @janithgram

Jay Town Photography uai
Jay Town Photography

Mount Macedon

Several times every winter, it will snow on top of Mount Macedon. When this happens, the whole area is transformed into a winter wonderland, with the gum trees and ferns covered in white. Dirt tracks become avenues of beautiful snow, and if you’re lucky enough to get up there first, they will be untouched. Everywhere you look, there is a picture to be made. If you’re lucky, the sun will burst through and provide a brilliant starburst just to top it all off. Very occasionally it will snow lower down, near the Mount Macedon township and you can get photographs of buildings and structures, like my photo of the church, that look surreal and a little out of place in the snow. 

Jay Town @jaytown1  

Debbie Karwata Photography uai
Debbie Karwata Photography

Mount Macedon

The Macedon Ranges has so much winter beauty, but for me I can’t go past Mount Macedon for a fairy tale location. The best part of the day for me to shoot is early mornings, to truly capture the magic. The air is crisp, the fog is lifting and the leaves are slightly dripping from the misty morning as the sun starts to break through. 

Debbie Karwata


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