Bees Love Warral. We Love Bees.

Owned and operated by fifth-generation beekeeper Lindsay Callaway, who has been a part of his family’s labour of love for over 30 years, Warral Maldon is run by an experienced team of dedicated staff in Maldon, Victoria, where over 3500 hives produce over 200 tonnes of honey and 3,000kg of beeswax each year.

After deploying their hives to pollinate key almond orchards, canola crops and more, September to May is honey season where their apiarists bring their bees to forage on the best honey flows throughout Victoria and southern NSW, focussing on the best yellow box, grey box, red stringybark and ironbark flora varieties. Managing hives especially on this scale is both an art and a science, carefully managed to produce the best results and keep the bees healthy, with queens that are reared under controlled conditions for hives that are hygienic, happy and healthy.

Warral Maldon 08 uai

35 Boundary Road
Maldon, VIC

+1800 671 188