Premium small batch hand crafted Australian Gin and whisky

Animus Distillery was founded in 2015, by four friends with a shared passion for producing world-class spirits. Initially starting with round-the-clock research and development in their Fitzroy North garage, they quickly outgrew this space and expanded to a larger rural property, before establishing their distillery in Kyneton, Central Victoria. Capturing the soul of the freshest ingredients for their gin is central to their production philosophy.

They use the highest grade of 100% Australian grain spirit, triple filtered using their custom gravity-fed carbon filter system, to provide the purest base for capturing the soul of their botanicals. They grow many of the botanicals on their property, and use a vapour pressed production approach for their distillation. Their gins are produced in small batches, where their botanical baskets are changed frequently throughout the production of each batch, to extract the freshest, richest flavours from their balance of Australian native and international ingredients. Whilst labour intensive, this approach allows them to taste their gins throughout the production of each batch, balancing each element with the sensibility of a fine chef to ensure they reflect the exquisite balance and intensity they aim to showcase with their botanicals. Their gins are released over-proofed at 50% alcohol, to best express the richness, intensity and complexity of their ingredients.

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1/89a Piper Street
Kyneton, VIC

+61 3 5403 2431