Since the end of the nineteenth century, wellbeing seekers have been visiting our region to pursue good health and turn back the years.

Times have changed and with the pace of the beauty industry these days and the innovation of those in our region, it can be hard to keep up with what’s new.

Lake House Spa uai

The Lake House Spa, inspired by the Farm to Spa movement, have applied their approach to fine dining, sourcing and using only the very best ingredients to make their Daylesford Pure wellness products. Their new ‘Signature Rituals’ utilise their small-batch mixes and you’ll fall in love with the varying ‘flavours’. For example, their Woodland Bliss will conjure images of wild woodlands and fragrant country gardens. Their treatments combine these delicious products with hot volcanic rocks, warm oil massage, Hydrostorm steam, vichy jets and waterfall shower. Your skin will feel soothed, polished and youthful.

Daylesford Healing Massage Body Relax Detox Massage Wrap Package uai

Daylesford Healing Massage has many approaches to achieving your best health across mind, body, soul and holistic therapy. Their signature ‘Archangel Aromatherapy Ritual’ will do wonders for your soul. It is a powerful aromatic purifying ritual. Their use of copper, anointing and purification oils, divine awakening facial oil, along with archangel aromatherapy oils, helps to harmonise the soul, heal, clear and transmute energy. This treatment will transform your energetic alignment and elevate you to a higher state of consciousness.

Maiaveda 2 uai

In Kyneton, Maiaveda’s Ayurvedic approach to feeling better is based on ancient wisdom. For example, their ‘Pinda Swedana Hot Herbal Compress’ uses therapeutic herbs. They are crushed in a traditional pestle and mortar and cooked in rice and milk, then tied into a muslin cloth which forms the medium for this therapy, known in Ayurveda as a bolus or compress. After warming, oil is applied to your body and the hot herbal compress uses an Ayurvedic technique called pummelling. It is rejuvenating and strengthening and very beneficial for people with arthritis and sports enthusiasts, as it addresses stiffness and swelling in joints, inflamed and overworked muscles. It’s a deeply nourishing experience.

Clear and Brilliant uai

Bespoke Medispa, Daylesford, treat everyone like a movie star and their celebrity laser facial, utilising a light, laser resurfacing treatment, targets a whole range of skin concerns. This ‘Clear+Brilliant’ treatment is loved by celebrities worldwide, including Jennifer Anniston, Christie Brinkley and Drew Barrymore, to name a few. It’s great for patients of all ages and skin tones, looking to achieve a natural-looking glow and the ultimate freshen up.

Hepburn Bathhouse Spa uai

Hepburn Springs historic bathhouse is our oldest wellness experience providing mineral bathing since 1895. They draw water directly from the natural source, rich in minerals and nutrients for rejuvenation, relaxation and overall wellbeing. Their treatments have evolved and they offer mineral water therapies such as water bathing and steam therapy combined with body, facial and massage. It’s a unique experience combining the healing power of touch with the restoring element of water.

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