Carly Williams is a popular abstract artist living in Daylesford. Her continually evolving work reflects the seasonal changes distinct to the region and her obsession with all things raw, bold and beautiful.

Tell me a bit about yourself and how long you’ve lived here? 

Before moving to Daylesford from Melbourne almost 10 years ago, I worked in the film industry as a set painter.  It was a wonderfully creative job, but when baby number one came along, working such long hours was going to prove to be too much of a juggle for us.   We decided it was the perfect time to take the plunge and move to the country.  I can happily say; we have never looked back.

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Carly Williams

Is there anything about living here that inspires your art? 

Absolutely! When you live in a place as picturesque as Daylesford you really feel close to the seasons. The ever-changing colour palette that come with the different seasons is a constant source of inspiration for my art.

Where are the ‘hidden gem’ places that no one knows about that you love? 

This is more of a ‘hidden gem’ activity than a place, but on the weekends, as a family, we love to go on walking adventures around some of our local natural landmarks in search for the mysterious ‘Love Rox’…‘What are Love Rox, I hear you ask?!’ They are beautiful rocks with messages of love and encouragement lovingly hand-painted on them. The artist is an absolute mystery, but whoever they are, they take the time to hide these little beauties around some of our most treasured places, like Lake Daylesford.  It’s like a treasure hunt every weekend! I can’t disclose any further locations cause my kids will yell at me; you’ll have to hit the tracks yourself!

To view Carly’s work visit Instagram @carlywilliamsart, pop into Fenton and Fenton on High Street Prahran, or Johnston Street Collingwood. Photography: Dave Kulesza.

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