It’s the way you glance at each other, the way your hands linger at a touch, the shared laughter - all signs of the glorious, rumble of love that leads up to marriage.

The Daylesford Macedon region is the perfect place to tie the knot, and it is the signature destination for same-sex weddings.

The region has always had a proud, gay culture.  This pride, combined with the rip your heart out beauty of the natural landscape, makes this stunning part of the world the ideal place to create a unique wedding that suits you.

One venue that is a stand-out for same-sex weddings is the Grange Cleveland Winery. It’s situated just 30 mins from Melbourne Airport in the heart of the Macedon Ranges.  Grange Cleveland Winery is set amongst 120 acres of vineyards and rustic farmland. Offering sweeping views of the vines, the lake and cottage gardens, there is no better choice for your wedding day. The centrepiece of this venue is the historic homestead built in 1887, where close friends and family are welcome to celebrate the day with you.

If you are ready to formalise your relationship with pride amongst those you love and adore, the Grange Cleveland Winery is sure to delight. Have the wedding you have always wanted, delivered with unsurpassed service and in a venue whose culinary reputation reflects those gourmet values the Daylesford Macedon region is so proud of.

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