Micro-distillery in Hepbun Shire specialising in handmade vodka and gin

Hepburn Springs Distillery began with the idea of LOCAL and drawing from the mineral-rich soil, and abundant rainfall of Hepburn Shire. Surrounded by forest in cold, spud country, we were inspired to make a product that grew locally, was free of chemicals and low in food miles. We source as many of our raw materials as we can locally, organically and seasonally and grow some of the botanicals for our gin.

Our commitment to being SUSTAINABLE is at the heart of our lives and our business. Our stills run on solar power, our packaging and labels are made from recycled paper and we compost all our organic waste onsite. Where we have to import materials or products (such as our bottles which are manufactured in China) we offset the carbon footprint of travel and postage with tree planting and are partnered with Fifteen Trees to ensure every bottle is climate positive and replenishing the earth.

Living close to the earth and the cycles of nature means that every batch of spirit we make is UNIQUE. Being small and seasonal gives us the opportunity to forage, experiment with flavour and make use of gluts in produce. In autumn we pick blackberries for our gin, in winter we harvest excess lemons. Each season provides new opportunities for experimentation with new flavour combinations.

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10 South Lyonville Road
Lyonville, VIC