An experience of delicious fun.

A quick detour off the Calder Freeway between Bendigo and Melbourne to the Kyneton Mineral Springs is a tradition of many. The spring has been known in the area since 1887 and is still used by both locals and travellers. Nowadays you jump out of your car for a stretch and bring with you some bottles to capture the bubbly liquid from one of the two hand pumps. The experience is one of delicious fun, few know that some of Victoria’s favourite mineral water brands pipe from the same spring for their popular beverages. Capi, Kyneton Mineral Water and most recently 7 Springs all tap into the deep resource, making the region’s water available all over Australia.

Mineral Springs Map Kyneton1 2 uai
Mineral Springs Map Kyneton2 2 uai

219 Burton Ave, Kyneton VIC 3444

Kyneton VIC 3444