The first mineral spring found in the area was by Captain John S. Hepburn.

Captain John S. Hepburn named this spring, near the Hepburn Pavilion, which you can visit at Hepburn Springs Reserve.  It is a short walk from Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa,where you can still bathe in the precious source.  Following Hepburn‘s discovery, mining commenced in the Argyle Gully Spring Creek Area, and the Soda, Sulphur and Wyuna Springs were revealed, followed later by Liberty, Golden and Argyle Mineral Springs. But the miners didn’t care for the springs, the gold fever had taken hold, and they were willing to demolish everything within their path.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Swiss Italian migrants Dr Severino and Dr Rosetti who recognised the significance of these springs and rallied the support of their fellow countrymen (in the 1850s one-tenth of the population spoke Italian). As it panned out, this unity established the above-mentioned Hepburn Springs Reserve in 1865, the first of its kind in Victoria. Since this time, it has become a meeting place to ‘take in the waters’ and experience the benefits of calcium, silica, magnesium and an abundance of other minerals.

A series of springs can be found in the Hepburn Springs Reserve:

  • Soda Spring
  • Sulphur Spring
  • Wyuna Spring
  • Liberty Spring
  • Golden Spring
  • Argyle Sprin
Mineral Springs Map Hepburn Springs 1 2 uai
Mineral Springs Map Hepburn Springs 2 2 uai

Hepburn Springs , Victoria, 3461

Hepburn Springs VIC 3461