The only alcohol Llew Knight recalls from childhood was the odd beer for the shearers and Christmas gifted sherry that his parents never drank.

Today the cellar on his fifth generation farm, nestled among the boulder strewn slopes of Baynton, is filled with award-winning wines grown and made here.

Granite Hills began in 1970, when Llew’s dad realised that traditional farms had a “tuff” future. Gordon rolled the dice with plantings, while Llew studied wine making.

Llew insists that the great wines of the world emerge from hidden valleys, hamlets and villages where the vines and winemakers are enriched with the soul and humility of life on the land.

Such passion has taken this small family winery to big places, as pioneers of cool climate wines – notably Riesling and Shiraz.

Boutique wineries like Granite Hills restyled our wine culture, introducing varietals and shifting perceptions about what could be grown, where.

Llew’s wines have inspired many to the Macedon Ranges, and he continues to trail blaze, with releases like Grüner Veltliner. Go for a drive.

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