A unique place to experience masterful blending, powerful botanicals and herbs, rich, smooth flavours.

Imagine yourself stepping through what appears to be the simple door of an old red brick building into a very magical almost mystical place of elegance, refinement and magnificence!

Enter a world of herbs, rich botanicals, special blends, where spirit reigns supreme and you experience the bounty of perfection.

Here you will discover fine Gins, beautiful Vodkas; elegant, rich Herbal Liqueurs and stately, distinguished Ports.

The atmosphere will astound you and tastings will “knock your socks off!”. Each and every product stands alone providing unique, beautiful flavours. The Gins will delight each in their own way; Sweet Jennifer is slightly sweet with a little kick; Lady Susanne is bold with a slight citrus, London Dry style. Navy Strength, the International Award Winner, is a true experience not to be missed.

Springwater Vodka is surprisingly smooth with a hint of ‘something’ as only a master blender can create. Equally smooth and rich in flavour is our Espresso Vodka, perfect for coffee lovers everywhere!

The Herbal Liqueurs are a kaleidoscope of adventure and taste. Eight different blends, unique and stylish in temperament and design tempt the palate in so many different ways. And no added sugar!

Then there is the port! With five different blends to choose from; Malt Whisky, Bourbon, Rum, Brandy and Double Pot Still, the greatest challenge is deciding which ones to purchase! Of course, the shining light in the range of ports is the Award Winning Smoked Malt Whisky Tawny which came third place in the International Wine and Spirit show in London.

Whatever your desire, whatever your pleasure, fine flavour and pure adventure is yours to experience when you visit Herbal Lore and Terra Australis Distillery.