Art is often defined as self-expression through creativity. Not everyone can be a famed artist or designer, but all of us can, and do, choose to express ourselves creatively each day in what we wear.

I believe fashion is one of the purest expressions of self, and therefore art. What we are feeling, what we want to reveal to the world or what we want to hide from the world can be expressed creatively through what we choose to wear each day. Fashion can reflect who we are and sometimes, who we want to be.

I love fashion, I always have. Throughout my life, I have pursued a creative outlet, and fashion has now fulfilled that need with my label Garçonne. Garçonne is teaching me about marketing, and producing quality garments, but it is the design process where I’m finding my joy and creative fulfilment. Working with beautiful fabrics and yarns. The colours and textures inspire my designs; coming together to create a story, an expression of what I want Garçonne to convey.

My label isn’t ‘haute couture’; often the only form of fashion considered art. But I see how my customers wear my pieces, how they put them together and how they express themselves through their choices.  I would argue that this is art; everyday art, not some bourgeois version. Moreover, one’s own sense of fashion doesn’t need to be on-trend. By wearing clothes that you love, that speaks to you and reflect how you feel about both who you are and want to be – this is art.

So go out and express yourself. Be brave, be bold, be yourself and create everyday art in what you choose to wear…

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Kate Thornell
Kate Thornell
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