BOREALIS On the Lake, is bringing the Northern Lights to Daylesford.

Always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights? You can make it a reality without travelling across the world this winter. The mesmerising installation, BOREALIS On the Lake, is bringing the Northern Lights to Daylesford.

Daylesford has long been famed as a destination to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of the city, while BOREALIS has the power to make you slow down, transporting you to a place faraway. The two are a match made in heaven, the perfect getaway.

BOREALIS will combine technology and art to create unique auroras over Lake Daylesford. Colour, movement, density of light beams and changing weather conditions will work together to give infinite variations. Surreal, is the only way to describe how it will feel as you watch lights dance across the lake.

BOREALIS is not just about what you see, but what you hear. It is an experience beyond the lights. Set to a soundtrack created by French composer Guillaume Desbois, the music is as wispy and ethereal as the auroras. Sounds develop in layers, created using synthesisers and traditional instruments. It may sound simple, but it’s a crucial part that adds to the sense of wonder. The result is a truly immersive experience.

The spectacle is created by Switzerland-based artivist Dan Acher, whose intent with his work is to create spaces where strangers come together and connect beyond their differences to create a sense of belonging and community.

The event is co-produced by Andrew Kay and Associates (AKA). This Melbourne based company has created, produced, and presented attractions across all genres of the entertainment industry.

According to Andrew Kay AM, Daylesford was an obvious choice when scouting for the ideal Victorian destination to premier this experience. “The magic and awe of BOREALIS is elevated in darkness and surrounded by nature. With its own unique natural beauty, we couldn’t think of a more perfect setting than Lake Daylesford to recreate this spectacular effect.”

“Add to the mix Daylesford’s progressive dining scene, multiple wellness experiences and its amazing collection of quality accommodation offerings, and you have all the ingredients for a truly magical weekend away.”

BOREALIS has toured the world, from Switzerland to Japan and with many successful presentations across Australia. It will make its Victorian debut in Daylesford on Friday 15 July, playing every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until Sunday 4 September.

Tickets are on sale now at

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