Home of Kabinett Vintage & Botanik Bar and Bottle Shop.

Botanik is a unique destination and experience – one half cocktail bar, one half shop! At Botanik Bar we are serving you the best cocktails in town. We’ve been doing this for 20 years so it’s not an exaggeration. We thought there should be a place where you could have a cheeky negroni and do some shopping at the same time, so we created it.

Also housing Kabinett Kyneton. A store for the dedicated admirers of history, patina and the unintentional beauty created through decades of hard worn use.
A blend of old and new, found and designed, a mixing of eras.

Royal George Kyneton 5 uai

22-24 Piper Street
Kyneton, VIC


+61 458 763 248