Award-winning spirits, herbal liqueurs and tawny with the magical flavours of herbs and botanicals

Terra Australis Distillery and Herbal Lore Liqueurs have produced internationally award-winning spirits, herbal liqueurs and tawny from Daylesford’s former Butter Factory for many years now.

We use specific herbs and botanicals with our liqueurs and spirit for a truly unique taste and differing experiences.

It’s alchemy at its best for our range of spirit, herbal liqueurs and tawny. The final product, perfectly blended, offers beautiful flavours, intoxicating aromas and a total sensory experience – pure delight!

With a seamless User Experience available through our Online Store, your orders are packed and shipped Australia wide within 3 business days.

Our cellar-door experience is second-to-none! Housed in Daylesford’s old Butter Factory, you enter a world of warmth and comfort. It is the perfect place to truly experience the range of Herbal Lore and Terra Australis Distillery.

Visit us and immerse yourself in pure flavours and fun. Book your unforgettable and truly unique tasting experience today!

Herbal Lore 1 uai

2 Railway Cresent
Daylesford, VIC

+61 3 5348 1920