A passionate foodies grocery store. Made by a passionate foodie.

Brendan Blake is a passionate foodie and talented home cook. He is also a supermarket owner. He’s long been wanting to create a place that was part market, part grocer and part deli – combining incredible local artisan produce with some of the world’s leading gourmet delicacies. He wanted to create a gourmet “superstore”. And what better place than Victoria’s leading produce region and foodie destination than Daylesford.

Introducing Blake Family Grocers. Bursting with local artisan produce, cheeses, charcuterie, gourmet groceries, locally grown organic flowers, local free-range meat, quality poultry and seafood, and much, much more including our very popular yoghurt bar topped with fresh fruit.

So whether you’re cooking a feast, wanting to grab a great coffee, or packing for a simple country picnic, you’ll find everything that you need (and crave) at Blake’s.

Blake Grocer 3 uai

1 Howe Street
Daylesford, VIC


+61 3 5318 1128