Authentic goldfields villa house, museum and garden of national significance.

Buda Historic Home and Garden is an 1861 goldfields villa house, museum and heritage garden located in Castlemaine. Named after Budapest by its Hungarian owner, Ernest Leviny, it was home to the creative Leviny family for 118 years.

Buda is without doubt one of the great heritage assets of our region. Its uniqueness comes from its authenticity, its degree of intactness, its significant heritage values and its inherent charm. Buda is one of the few historic houses which truly bears the mark of its former owners, the Leviny family. The collection reflects the aspirations of those who came and settled in Victoria during the goldrush and the artistic Leviny family’s passion for collecting original Australian artworks and decorative arts. Evident throughout the house in particular is the passion of the five unmarried daughters for the Arts and Crafts Movement, which strongly influenced art and design in Australia around the turn of the nineteenth century.

Come to Buda and enjoy walking through the historic house where you will be transported to another era, in this Museums Australia accredited museum. Wander 1.2ha of heritage garden featuring original plantings and structures, including the bird aviary, tennis pavilion and grape pergola, along with many original garden ornaments created by the Leviny family members.

Visit the nursery specialising in plants propagated from the Buda garden or browse the giftshop for a range of Buda exclusive merchandise and locally made artisan wares. The Garden Room venue is also available for hire for special events, weddings and celebrations, conferences and workshops.

Buda historic Home and Garden 4 uai

42 Hunter St
Castlemaine, VIC

+61 3 5472 1032