A Yarn Worth Reading About

It’s all due to the fertile soil and water sparkling with minerals. The soil and water also create the perfect environment for the production of natural fibres that are so soft, you can’t help but sigh.

So often, we focus on what goes into our bellies for health and taste. Yet, what we wear against our skin is just as important. The skin, as we all know, is the largest organ of the body.

Natural fibres, be they hemp, sheep or alpaca wool, create stunning textiles and garments. These natural fibres are produced and processed right here in the region. They are then transformed into fabrics that allow the skin to breathe, keep you warm and are beautiful to the touch.

So, next time you stop for your sack of potatoes, a bunch of flowers and some local honey, look up at the flock of sheep and doe-eyed alpacas in an assortment of hues.  Give a thought to their gorgeous wool. Consider the effort that goes into transforming their fleece into yarn that makes blankets that stand up to the harshest Melbourne winter. Or pay a visit to the likes of Bunjil Farm in Kyneton and learn about hemp and its production into textiles.

Then head to the family-owned and award-winning Creswick Woollen Mill or fashion boutique Alpaca Passion in Daylesford and pick yourself up a garment made from natural textiles.

You deserve it.

Words: Zali Garetty