Cocoon yourself from the depths of Winter in the homely surrounds of the Daylesford and Macedon region.

From snug wood fires to a warm glass of shiraz – you can wrap yourself up in the inviting area and all that it has to offer.  The fresh mountain air will refresh your lungs, cleansing you slowly from the fast pace of our modern lives. And, you can choose to heat up your days and nights with as little, or as much, activity as you desire.

Filling in time can be as simple as following the twists and turns of the windy roads – tuning into what you need.

  • A relaxing spa soak?
  • A treasure hunt at the local markets?
  • Food at a friendly pub, trendy café or one of the four chef-hatted restaurants?
  • Ambling down a main street to spot the perfect gift?
  • A sip of the healing mineral spring waters?
  • Sightseeing from each of the towns’ hilly vistas?
  • Waiting patiently for the chance of snow to fall?
  • Wine tasting at the many cellar doors?
  • Searching for an artisan-made piece to complete your home?

It won’t be long until your heart rhythm will begin to steady – yearning to linger in a wide variety of accommodation options. Cottages, historic hotels, bed and breakfasts, or boutique – one of a kind rooms and experiences – are all just waiting to spoil their guests so that they will never want to leave.

Come into the region with your family or a special friend – and feel yourself getting lost in the magic of small towns like Glenlyon, Lancefield, Creswick or Romsey. Allow time to explore the parks and nature trails – or just indulge in the culture, people and ambience that are unique to each place.

Even if you just hop in the car out of curiosity, be sure to pack an overnight bag with woolly socks – as you may not emerge again until three months later, on the other side of spring.