Under moonlit draped skies, and slightly under the influence of rum, Kieran and Sue Prendergast made it “official”. They were going out.

So began a love affair that has been spinning like blossom in a spring breeze over the last couple of decades.

Like many tales of love true and strong, theirs is a tale that has them dipping in and out of each other’s early lives. They’d been buddies for years; growing up on farms down the road from one another and then as classmates at the local school. Their match was surely strewn in the stars, for even as young whippersnappers, they were paired as the flower boy and girl of the Daylesford debutante ball.
As young adults, with independence and adventure pumping through their veins, they both headed away from the picturesque hamlet of their upbringing; Sue to teach and Kieran to become a jackaroo.
The lure of family and friends always drew them home for gatherings.  Home was where those early gales of laughter, furtive glances under long lashes and finally an acknowledgement of so much more than friendship occurred.

This spun into a courtship by correspondence that wove through months and days as they resumed their lives away from the hamlet of home. Kieran knowing with a certainty of unquestionable proportion that Sue would be the woman he would marry.
And he did… under skies now decked in.
“Marriage is not always easy,” says Sue. “It all comes down to talking and being kind to one another.”
Two decades on with four children now riding horses and playing under the same skies, Kieran and Sue are a living example of love; the kind that grows stronger through friendship, experience, respect and kindness.
Now they welcome couples embarking on their own lives together, converting the 1800’s barn and stables as a wedding venue called Quirindi stables, alongside their Hepburn Lagoon Trail Rides business.
May we all have a little of that loving in our own lives.

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