The Daylesford Macedon region’s mineral springs are a natural elixir born of volcanic alchemy.

The waters have a sparkling history where stories from those who cherished them hundreds of years ago are bubbling up even today.

Long before pastoralists settled and miners came looking for gold, generations of Aboriginal people “took to the waters” for birthing, healing and other rituals.  The springs were dearly loved and were a place of spiritual connection with the land.

Hundreds of years later, not long after pastoralists had made the fertile fields home, Swiss Italian adventurers came in feverish pursuit of gold. They soon discovered a place where they could continue their revered, ancient tradition of drinking and soaking in the curative waters of their natural surrounds.

As the Gold Rush gripped the region, more mineral springs were discovered. However, the increases in population and mining activity were soon putting the springs at risk.

Those that understood the healing waters were worth more than gold, lobbied to prevent mineral water wastage in the sluicing process. This strong advocacy led to the creation of the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve in 1865.

Thirty years on, the Hepburn Bathhouse was born. The Bathhouse was and continues to be, a place people go to, to soak, drink and luxuriate in these curative waters.

The Hepburn Bathhouse captures water from a vast underground network of natural mineral aquifers.  The water from these aquifers is claimed, by many, to have unique, healing and wellness properties.

When you immerse yourself in the water at just the right temperature you absorb rich minerals from the ancient volcanic earth directly into the bloodstream.

The geologically distinct region of the wider Daylesford Macedon area is home to 85% of Australia’s natural mineral springs.

Skin is the way in. So, take the soak of wellness. It’s better than a supplement.

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