As winter rushes at us, the word is out for men: start looking after your skin.

The growth in men’s use of skincare products has been remarkable.  A British video of a young male model rubbing moisturiser between his palms, applying it to his face, then patting on a tinted moisturiser, dotting concealer beneath his eyes and then some powder to set everything, went online as a “grooming tutorial,” drew over 750,000 views on Facebook.

Across Europe and the U.S. daily male makeup routines are on the rise, with Aussie men not far behind.

In the forefront locally with men’s skincare is Daylesford Apothecary which, with its jars of lotions and potions has a timeless air and echoes the original role of an apothecary, which evolved into pharmacy.

General manager of Daylesford Apothecary, Samantha Kennett, explains that winter can mean dry, flaky skin. “The coolness of the weather, plus wind changes, dry out your skin, especially when you are going from outside into the warmth of your home.”

She recommends gentle exfoliation, using a scrub to draw out impurities and remove dryness. She shows firstly how Moonstone Cleanser is applied. It uses a rose quartz crystal, a large sample of which is nearby, and its message is, “Feel your heart and believe.”

Next is the Moonstone Face Scrub. Its crystals have a slightly grainy feel. “Place half a teaspoon into your hands before massaging gently” read the instructions.

The third step is the application of moisturiser, Moonstone with Face Serum.

“If you do this each day the result will be a lot better than what men are doing now,” says Samantha. “Face serum is also great before bed.”

In the six years since the Apothecary was founded in Daylesford by Bree Melotte as Iris Practice, it has spread interstate and found a market in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. A naturopath, she began with bath soaks, minerals, herbs and essential oils.

Significantly, no animal testing is involved.

Daylesford-born, Bree keenly remembers the power of herbs when she made special potions under a staircase in the motel where she grew up. “I still have vivid memories of wildcrafting violets and mixing them with water in a bottle.”

From this start arose an intriguing business where men are now gently urged to face the facts of their faces.

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Daylesford Apothecary