Dollywood Megan Gale 6 uai

Hello Dollywood: An Interview with Megan Gale

Daylesford is all a flutter, pleased to have Megan Gale and Shaun Hampson as new owners of…

Daylesford Collective uai

Daylesford Collective: Take home a piece of Daylesford

COVID lockdown has been an interesting time for our region. In the depths of the pandemic, many…

Hotel Frangos 2 uai

Hotel Frangos

Hotel Frangos offer 15 individually styled suites, making it the perfect destination to relax and…

Koukla Cafe 2 uai

Koukla Cafe

The iconic Koukla Cafe corner, adorned with lush ornamental vines, is a Daylesford institution.

Hotel FrangosWinter uai

Hotel Frangos: Warms Hearts and Bellies

Let the worries dissolve with a getaway at Hotel Frangos.

Fire uai

Warming the Cockles by a Crackling Fireplace

As winter closes in on the Daylesford Macedon region, as the air becomes crisp and frost lies on…