Experience the Healing power of Horses

Are you curious about the healing power of horses? Are you drawn to spend quality time with these incredible sentient beings? Did you used to love being with them when you were younger? Are you drawn to them without knowing why? Come and join us and experience a profound form of healing involving horses. We provide individual sessions, group sessions, one day retreats and 3 day/2 night retreats. Something for every budget.

By taking some time to be with calm and healthy horses, every part of you surrenders to the present moment. This is very powerful in helping you stabilise your nervous system and leads to a heightened awareness of your body, your surroundings, your feelings and your thoughts. This is mindfulness in action. Horses teach us to be fully present with what is, whereas us humans spend so much precious life force energy moving away from the now moment. The model for us how to really fully inhabit ourselves. You will find just by being out in nature, sharing space with the horses, the elements and the earth that you begin to breathe a little more easily and the layers of tension can begin to subside.

Healing sessions with horses also help you become aware of and unravel patterns that are no longer serving you. Let’s face it, we all have a lot of those! The horses and I can assist you to work out what isn’t working in your relationships and work with you to develop juicy, authentic connections with those around you.

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