Local food, wine, beer and cider crafted with community pride.

Community-Centric Elegance

Nestled in the heart of a picturesque rural community, Trentham Food and Wine Company is a celebration of local excellence. We pride ourselves on offering an exclusive selection of local produce, wine, beer, and cider. Every item we provide is carefully curated to reflect the rich agricultural heritage and artisanal craftsmanship of our region. Our mission is to bring the best of local flavors to your table, ensuring that every bite and sip tells a story of quality and pride.

Our partnerships with local farmers, winemakers, brewers, and cider makers are the cornerstone of our business. These relationships allow us to offer fresh, seasonal produce and unique beverages that are a true representation of our community’s bounty. At Trentham Food and Wine Company, we believe in supporting our local economy and fostering a sense of community through the celebration of food and drink.

Whether you’re enjoying a crisp apple cider, a robust red wine, or a fresh farm-to-table dish, you can taste the dedication and passion that goes into every product. Join us in experiencing the best that our rural community has to offer.

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41 high St
Trentham VIC

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