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Daylesford Day Spa and Beauty

Daylesford Day Spa creates a unique philosophy and nature-based experience for every client. They…

Shizuka Ryokan 2 uai

Shizuka Ryokan Japanese Country Spa & Wellness Retreat

Set amid four acres of bushland, Shizuka Ryokan offers a traditional Japanese experience.

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Sky High Mount Franklin

Sky High is a luxury accommodation retreat for wellness and rejuvenation directly in front of Mount…

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Acre of Roses

Acre of Roses is a luxury wellness accommodation and micro flower farm. It is the perfect place for…

Daylesford Healing Massage 2 uai

Daylesford Healing Massage

Come to Daylesford Healing Massage to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life and emerge…

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Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa

Nestled in the heart of Australia's spa country, Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa has been providing…

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endota spa Daylesford

Australian skin care and day spa. endota means beautiful in Aboriginal. Replenish your mind, body…

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When I was Growing Up: Wellbeing and Rejuvenation

Marye O’Brien, of Maiaveda, is a partner of Daylesford Macedon Tourism and inspires us with her…

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Curiosity the Antidote to Anxiety

Life is one big unknown. We don’t know what will happen next, so why do we worry about the unknown?…

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Things That Lift Your Spirits

When times are tough, it’s important to keep forging ahead, keep your body active and keep your…

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Secret Gardens

In the heart of the Kyneton Botanic Gardens, a giant Californian Redwood towers over a lawn dotted…

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Get on Your Bike and Go

Our region has long been the centre of ‘wellness’, a state of being that can be achieved in…


Pump it Up

There’s a gurgling sound as the water is drawn up from deep within the earth below.

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The Art of Bathing

In the west, a bath is a place we go to cleanse our body. In Japan, one bathes to cleanse the soul.


Discover Daylesford’s Old Secrets

Alice's Journeys Walking Tours of Daylesford will stir your imagination, leaving you with a sense…

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The Artful Winter Garden

Winter - the very word induces a long sigh and slows the breathing. As a gardener in a cool…