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Taste of Talbot

The goldfields town of Talbot is renowned for its monthly farmers’ market. On the third Sunday of…

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Things That Lift Your Spirits

When times are tough, it’s important to keep forging ahead, keep your body active and keep your…

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Autumn is our Favourite Colour

The picturesque village of Blackwood is tucked in between the Wombat and Lerderderg State Parks.…

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Market Heroes

The sun is setting on a warm Saturday night, and farmer Florian Hofinger is bringing in fat, ripe…


Places to Go, Colours to See

Autumn 2020 will go down as one of the most anticipated seasons in Australian history. Cool…

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Eclectic Clunes

The charming little villages of Clunes found itself on the world stage way back in 1851, when it…

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Mountain Distilling G&Ts

Get creative with your G&Ts. Use fruits, citrus and herbs from your garden, experiment!

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Get on Your Bike and Go

Our region has long been the centre of ‘wellness’, a state of being that can be achieved in…

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Best Short Walks

Need a natural health kick? Since the late 1800s people have visited the Daylesford and Macedon…

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Gut Health

In a strange and circuitous way my life has led me to thinking daily about an old adage: ‘go with…