Specialty brunch and coffee made locally.

We are a local Woodend cafe proudly serving contemporary brunch food and coffee to the community we live in. Our team strives to offer great hospitality and cuisine that this region is famous for. We look locally first to source produce from like minded people, which is why we are a proud member of Daylesford Macedon Produce. Our coffee is a unique medium-bodied blend with creamy malt and honey flavours, bright acidity and a subtle earthy chocolate finish, specially made and roasted for Woodberry by Stringers Saba Artisan Coffee.

Woodberry 2 uai

3B/81 High Street
Woodend, VIC


+61 3 5427 3399

Opening Hours:

Monday-Wednesday: 8AM – 3PM
Thursday: Closed
Friday-Sunday: 8AM – 3PM


Open Saturday – Wednesday from 8am to 3pm for takeaway only.