Where drinking + eating are truly an ‘experience’.

Owners Mike + Heather Allen, are excited to share their unique hospitality at their beautiful new venue in fabulous Kyneton. Providing finely crafted original cocktails, Introducing their guests to wines they love. And an everchanging selection of tapas on offer to enhance your evening.

This is the second hospitality venue for Michael & Heather, their first incarnation was The Press Room Wine Bar in Beechworth. After six successful years, they are bringing all the great ‘ingredients’ from their previous venture to the gorgeous space that is Miss M’s Lounge.

We love creating unique and finely crafted cocktails that you ‘experience’. Complex, simple but superb, light + breezy, we have a cocktail to suit your mood.

You will find a selection of local wines, some spanish drops we enjoy and some great wines from the Beechworth region and the North East.

Miss M 6 uai

29 Piper Street,
Kyneton, VIC


+61 409 779 936