Bringalbit is history, accomodation, farm animals, park, gardens and wildlife.

Bringalbit is a unique part of Australia’s rural history and the setting is stunning. The huge old trees, ornamental lake and gardens provide a rare mood of peace and tranquility. It is a grazing property one hour from Melbourne by car or train. The present homestead began in 1870 as a woolshed for sheep shearing. It was converted into a 40 square house in 1895 and is built of stone quarried from the property. The golden coloured granite has also been used to build a spillway at the northern end of a large ornamental lake.

The lake was constructed in the 1890’s and is covered with waterlilies. There is a small island-a haven for birdlife. Many native ducks, moorhens, herons, grebes and cranes make it their home. There are guinea fowl roaming around eating grasshoppers and other insects, peacocks for decoration and chickens for fresh eggs. We grow many of our own vegetables and fruit. The olive grove produces table olives and extra virgin olive oil. The farm carries Highland cattle and sheep.

Bed and breakfast accommodation is available in the homestead with 2 king rooms and 1 queen.
Self-catering accommodation is in the very private 2 king bedroom Shearer’s Shack and the 3 queen bedroom Woolshed Hill House.

Bringalbit Country Retreat 2 uai

512 Sidonia Rd
Sidonia via Kyneton, VIC

+61 3 5423 7223